Himal Short Story Competition

Tired of being typecast? At Himal Southasian we promise that we don’t keep a list of accepted subjects for Southasian fiction. You will not be rejected for including a flower that isn’t jasmine or a sari that isn’t red. It doesn’t matter if you never mention a mango, a monsoon or a mountain range (nor if you do – we have a profound respect for all). Your stories don’t need to be set in ‘the village’ or in Southasia at all. We are interested in voices and stories that reflect the complexity of Southasian experience, thought and imagination in the world today – and if in a way that is new to us, then so much the better.
We are launching a spontaneous end-of-year short story competition. Enter your short stories now, with a chance of winning USD 500 and an opening spot on our magazine’s new website. All shortlisted stories will also be published by us.
– Send your original, unpublished, story (1500-5000 words) to competitions@himalmag.com, attached as a Word document.
– Include your name, contact number and the place you are writing from.
– Be sure the subject line includes SHORT STORY 2019 and your name.
– Each writer may submit a maximum of one story.
– Contemporary stories translated into English from other Southasian languages will be considered – we ask that the writer and the translator are then both party to the submission (include both names and contact details) and agree to share equally any subsequent prize or payment. The story may have been published previously in is original language but must not have been previously published in an English translation.
We don’t care what passport you hold, nor if you hold one at all, nor where you are based in the world. We do care that you consider yourself or your story to be Southasian and that your submission is your own, original, previously unpublished work. Be sure too that you are open to the editorial process that will take place prior to any publication.
There is no leeway in these regards, please do not submit reworkings or extensions of stories you have published elsewhere in any form (online/ print/ radio etc).
The competition process will be completed, and shortlisted writers and the winner informed, by 15 December 2019.
All entries will be acknowledged on arrival and receive notice of the results of the competition. Given the short time frame and the volume of reading associated with this competition, we regret that we will not be able to enter into further correspondence unless your work is selected.
Each of the writers shortlisted will be informed first, then listed on our website, and all of these writers will be offered publication of their stories. If this offer is accepted, we will then enter into our usual editorial process with each writer on their story, and payment will be made after publication, according to Himal’s usual rates. If you are submitting a story you have submitted elsewhere, we would ask you to withdraw it from other outlets if you are offered and choose to accept our offer of publication.
The winning writer’s story will be published before 15 January 2020, and the prize money of USD 500 will be awarded subsequent to publication.
The selection of the shortlist and winning story will be made in-house by Himal Southasian’s editors. We give you our collective word that in selecting your stories we will put to good use our experience of working on the vast range of issues and experiences that make up contemporary Southasia and its diasporas. Try us.
The Editors,

Let us know what you think!