Inaugural Donations from proceeds of the book “Pathways to the Peak”


Pathways to the Peak: Remarkable Stories of Pioneering Sri Lankan Women is a compilation of 14 short, insightful biographies – each profiling a visionary Sri Lankan woman. This unique book was published last year by the Bay Owl Press, an imprint of the Perera Hussein Publishing House.

With generous sponsorship of costs of the book by Finlays Colombo PLC and Standard Chartered Bank, the authors committed to donating 100% of the net proceeds from book sales to charities benefiting women. Recently, CCC Foundation Sri Lanka and Sahanaya-National Council for Mental Health were each presented with a cheque in the sum of Rs 250,000. All further proceeds from sales of the book will be also donated to the same worthwhile causes.

Based on personal interviews with the profiled women, Pathways to the Peak reveals the remarkable journeys and achievements of 14 pioneers in diverse occupations – including in the arts, education, engineering, journalism, law, medicine, sports and other fields. The authors, Shalini Panditaratne and Dinusha Panditaratne, highlight the wisdom and fortitude of an older generation of women, who lit a path for their younger compatriots to follow.

Pathways to the Peak is a book to inspire and guide the next generation of women in Sri Lanka and beyond. Written in a warm and easygoing style, it is complemented by vivid photographs from the private collections of the profiled individuals. This book will uplift both younger and older women; and be appreciated by anyone interested in the making of Sri Lanka in its broadest sense. It is available at bookstores and gift shops nationwide.


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