Karen Roberts featured in W@W!

Karen Roberts, author of The Lament of the Dhobi Woman was featued in W@W this week. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Hi Karen, I am right in the middle of ‘The Flower Boy” and am enjoying it tremendously. I am a Sri Lankan, born in Singapore and migrated to Australia in 1989. Your book brought me back 50 years ago when, as a kid, I only spoke Sinhalese to my mum. Some of the Sinhalese words you mentioned were words my mum used.
    Reading your book, brings back memories of mum who has passed on. On my first of two visits to Sri Lanka, I experienced some of what was written in The Flower Boy. It resonated with me very well.
    There has been talk between my wife and I, of making another trip to Sri Lanka, probably next year.
    I am at the tail end of my first novel, myself, that I started two years ago. I hope to find a publisher for it.
    Thank you, Karen, for The Flower Boy.

    Leo De Silva
    Melbourne, Australia.

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