Learning to Fly by Shehani Gomes

learning-to-flyOn the 29th of November we will launch Shehani Gomes’ debut novel Learning to Fly at Barefoot. 6.30pm onwards. Shehani began writing this novel when she was nineteen years old and takes us through the lives of three young adults – Kala, Dylan and Nadia. Addressing complicated subjects like abuse, alcoholism, infatuation, and disability, Shehani manages to avoid being preachy or judgemental. Instead, the novel is written in a quirky, young, edgy way and manages to capture the experience of middle class youth of Sri Lanka.

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  1. thanks for checking our blog. And yes, being a writer at nineteen is rather impressive. In case you wanted to pick it up, that book and other Sri Lankan fiction is available for sale on
    http://www.ph-books.com and mailing is free. So if you would like to check it out, please do.

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