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What’s your fantasy? In the footsteps of Allen Ginsberg, Ovid, Arthur Rimbaud, Anne Sexton, D.H. Lawrence and many others, we invite you to set your fantasies and perhaps even your real life experiences to paper.

In 2011 Perera Hussein Publishing House will present the first ever anthology of Sri Lankan Erotica … your story could be one of them. Sex is raw, honest, beautiful, embarrassing, shameful, and confusing. Written well, it reveals things about characters that little else can, because sex makes us vulnerable—in those moments, we’re naked in more ways than one.

WE WANT stories rooted in myth and fable and legend, stories that spring from that lore and create something unexpected and true and ultimately erotic. We want to know what happens when a Rakshaya falls for a human or vice versa. We want to know about the contented and dreamy air of the maidens in the Sigiriya frescoes. We want to know what a tree spirit dreams about. We want to be surprised.

WE WANT stories set in today’s world, the Juki girl, the migrant worker, the ambitious executive, the discontented housewife.

 Send us stories set in the future, the past, the present, the imagination.

Send us your most imaginative erotic fiction, and tell your writing friends to do the same!

 We are calling for: short erotic fiction (1-5 pages) and erotic poetry (1-5 pages). The subject can be as hard or as soft as you prefer; straight, gay, lesbian, or bi: the forum is open, as long as the topic gets you going. Please be sure to edit your work for spelling and grammar, as we believe in adhering as closely as possible to the creator’s vision and will try as much as possible to avoid any changes to your work. All copyrights to the work will revert to the original author (even if the work is submitted anonymously). Submitted work cannot be withdrawn, neither during the review period nor once it has been selected for publication. A small payment will be made to the authors whose work has been accepted.

Submissions (by adult writers only) are open until May 31st, 2009. The final decision regarding selection will be made by September 15, 2009. Submissions should be sent via e-mail, to  Please put Anthology Erotica in the subject line.

 I watched as a ray of pale light,
Trapped in the tree outside,
Danced from her mouth
To her breast, like a fly on a flower.


Arthur Rimbaud – 1854-1891 (First Evening)

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